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Bill Rittner


My name is Bill Rittner and for most of my life I have been a tinker and a lover of fine tools. I was born in New Britain, Connecticut USA back in the late 1940's and most of my small family worked for Stanley Tools. Being exposed to tools at an early age led me to learn to appreciate them and to use them. I was always building something.

My grandfather was the superintendent of a division of Stanley that was called the farm. This division purchased all of the rough lumber and made all of the tool handles. Most tools still had wood handles. My father served his pattern making apprenticeship at Stanley and worked in the pattern shop for 20 years. Though there was a strong family influence towards woodworking I chose to go into the metalworking trades after high school.

After graduation I entered the machine apprentice program at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft in East Hartford, Connecticut. After that program I entered the tool making apprenticeship of a large, local manufacturer of jet engine fuel systems. I spent my working life in the metal trades and still work part time running the inspection department at a small local machine shop.

Learn how. Discover why. Build better.


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