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I’m a software engineer living in North East Florida. It’s a very transient industry, in that what’s great software yesterday has to be documented, improved, changed, and scrapped today. Then, one day my daughter asks “Dad, what do you do?” As I stopped channel surfing to answer her, the TV landed on the Woodwright’s Shop. I don’t know that I ever gave her an adequate answer, but I sure got one; Woodworking.

My grandfather was a master carpenter. Sadly, I didn’t get the bug until after he passed away. That’s a shame because I could have learned so much from him. I have one piece that he built for my mother. It resides in my living room, and I pass it several times a day as I come and go. I often stop and just look at it.

Having said all that, stick with the hobby long enough and two very distinct feelings will emerge about your first piece. Your first is pride. You’ll look at it with a degree of satisfaction and accomplishment. Then, a few years later… Sheer horror! You know where all the skeletons are buried, and every little mistake will gnaw at you. It’s not that it’s a bad effort, but it’s just not what you were hoping for. It isn’t where you wanted to “be” in the craft.

I guess that’s why I want to share as much as I can about my own journey along the way. To me, that’s what this is all about. I don’t really care about sharing the successes. “Thanks, Dad” and time will do that.

I want to share the frustrations, failures, and a few of the fixes. I want to give a “heads up” to others starting out. I want to give away the shop tricks that have helped me. If I can offer another woodworker a little clarity or help along the way, then I’ve accomplished a major goal.

Learn how. Discover why. Build better.




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