Letters from Paul Schobernd


Danger in Tool Hunting


Has anybody come across this tool maker or brand before?  I have a 7 inch drawknife with a laminated blade that I would say is 19th century sometime, but I can't find a thing on Glass & Mane.

I have gone through the archives, I've Googled it senseless and all my reference books are still in storage.  I am having difficulty wanting to face 40 cases of books, but soon... 

This may be of limited interest so feel free to ping me off-line at paul.schobernd@verizon.net   It is a pretty catchy email address, but when I forget it, I know I am in real trouble!

Now, I don't normally get into personal advice, but I will warn you of a danger in tool hunting of which I only recently became aware.

Not wanting to make a 3rd trip to empty the trunk of all the old tools, I decided that if I put a monkey wrench in each pocket of my sweats and if I nested the saws and layered on the drawknives I could make it in one last trip.  Never underestimate the power of gravity!

Thankfully, the yard is secluded...  Just before I reached the deck my pants fell to my ankles in one fell swoop. 

There I stood frozen for a moment in time in my very large boxer shorts.  Many things ran through my mind, but it came down to two choices - the tools or my pants.  At that moment, I asked myself, what would Tony Seo do?

The answer was clear, save the tools at all cost!  So, I waddled two more steps and gently laid down the saws on a bench, hitched up my pants, unloaded my pockets and humbly carried my saws to the shop.  Now I know why us fat, I mean, portly gentlemen wear suspenders! 

I may just go back to bib overalls and be done with it - lots of pockets for lots of tools.  It might be easier on the neighbors as well.  I'd hate to think that the old lady on the other corner went into vapours 'cause I accidentally mooned her in the afternoon!  I am heading back to my lair.

Paul in Normal, Illinois
June, 2007




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