Letters from Paul Schobernd


I love old tools, old and appropriate technology in all forms. Tools that scream are relegated to the dark corners.

I have an old Barnes Velocipede, a couple post drills, a treadle jig saw and a six foot long lathe I made plus tons of 19th-century forged and cast iron tools. I make some furniture, boxes, carvings and Rube Goldberg contraptions, but making dulcimers was my first love.

Carving a mahogany gunstock 30 years ago actually started me down the slippery slope.

In a past life I was a teacher, a principal and for 10 years worked with Education students at Illinois State University. Some folks consider me eccentric and eclectic, but it looks like normal to me! My childhood sweetheart and I have 3 adult boys, 2 wonderful daughters-in-law and one 3 year old granddaughter.

I am her afternoon babysitter. Best job yet! I now have the opportunity to sit in my shop and ponder the world of old tools, piles of wood, unfinished projects and where I will get my next old tool fix. I am an addict.

Paul Schobernd passed away in 2008.

So long, my friend!


Paul Schobernd

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