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Painting Saws


Bill, Anthony and Galoots,

This saw painting business has been a special irritant to me since the days when I inherited a secretary who painted on anything and everything. Believe it or not, she helped put her son through medical school selling painted bed pans and saws etc. I couldn't argue with a mother doing right by her son and she had a ready market for her stuff.

Then I got to thinking about her painted tools. We codgers, at least many of us, got our tools cheap. We bought them up before there was a real market and back when you could go to a farm auction and leave with a truckload of tools for not much cash. That is quickly changing as people skim off the best tools and demand "market" price or an figuremore correctly - whatever the market will bear! It has already put many old tools out of the reach of new Galoots and the farm supply is quickly drying up.

Here is the heretical thought.

I consider most of the tool painting a variety of slob art that will not be destined to become tomorrow's hot item in the Museum of Modern Art and it is too imitative to be Folk Art.

 So maybe, just maybe, these crappy paintings hide the next generation's untapped tool supply? Most of us have already stripped somebody's paint job off of an old tool so maybe the next generation will take this ersatz art and hit it with the paint stripper and find tomorrow's tool treasure?

Maybe the saw painter has saved the saw from a rusty grave - for awhile? We see those neglected, unwanted saws at almost every flea.

This is just the musing of an old fart with time to think. And, by the way, I think a coat of KILZ under the painting will stop the bleed-through problem with the painting - just in case you get the urge to paint your saws. Duckin' and Hidin' behind My Recliner - I don't run much!

Paul in Normal, Illinois
April, 2008


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