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Today SWMBO was off to a wedding which I was not required to attend so I went shopping.  It was like drilling for oil and coming up with a dry hole every time until I reached the final stop. There I hit the Mother Lode - at least for Bloomington-Normal, Illinois.

  • The oldest piece was a Disston - no Sons - rip saw with split nuts and a real nib - $1

  • 3 pig stickers of various makers $1

  • Bronze-handled countersink $1

  • 4 inch Stillson with maker $1

  • 8 inch Greenlee drawknife never used $2

  • An adjustable hat block for my fedora $1 - it's sort of a tool

... and several other pieces that are still in the trunk of my car - out of sight out of mind.  Then when I went to check out he charged me exactly $5.

As I was leaving he told me to come back tomorrow.  Get thee behind me Satan and push!  I don't know if this warrants a gloat or not, but for here it was a very good day!

So, I went back today again.  Got 2 split nut Atkins crosscut saws, one is good, the other for parts and two Disston crosscut saws with split nuts, again one will be salvage for the other.  Good wood.

I picked up 4 greasy mortising gauges, panel gauges etc.  I had time to scrape the grease off and underneath was beautiful wood.  Got a wooden plane that appears to be Dutch, but has a British iron set rank for scrubbing. 

Found a Yankee/North Bros. #31 and a like new Stanley Bailey transitional that needs a lever cap.  It has the Stanley... in a V formation on top of the long blade.  4 perfect handled monkey wrenches in good shape, a set of dividers where each leg is in two pieces held by a riveted half lap joint.  Unusual to me, but I can't read the writing yet.

Then we went kitchen stuff and got a 10 inch Dutch oven with lid-Griswold, a single blade chopper that had been hiding among the tools, an advertising coffee scoop for Wishbone Coffee and finally an advertising thermometer for a Durant car dealership. Nope, last was a Lilliputian oil can!

Plus I got two boxes of antique bolts and fasteners, all separated, some rare stuff there and finally, finally a set of 24 inch? chrome Kenworth mud flap bottoms for may Dad's truck.  Big, shiny Kenworth letters.  He is going strong at 80!

I even took SWMBO with me today!  She declined the honor of climbing between the monster trucks where they were welding to get to the old tools.  It seems the proceeds of the sale are going for paint and angle iron.  But, today's haul came to $20!

The boys have a long way to go before they make much money.  Of all my bad habits, I love my old tools the best!

Paul in Normal, Illinois
June 2007


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