Letters from Paul Schobernd


Bed Rail Tale...


Matthew & Galoots et al, I'd be very concerned about crawling between the sheets on that bed rail without new wood!  Even normal size people put a tremendous strain on those connectors and the wood in which they are imbedded. "Breaking the bed" is dangerous and sometimes embarrassing.

As newlyweds we got a lesson in applied physics within a couple weeks of the wedding.  My tiny wife came with a 4 poster bed which appeared pretty sturdy. 

But, within a month of the wedding, and at 250lbs, I made a jump into the bed as we were frolicking.  The frolicking came to a screeching halt as the metal rail gave way, the slats went flying and we and the rest of the bed hit the floor.

That would have been embarrassing enough, but as a new teacher with no money to buy a new bed the only cure was to have the rail straightened and reinforced.  We took it to our late friend's father - the welder and his wife.  The rails just fit windshield to back window in the Datsun sedan.  I think he charged me $7 because the story was priceless and became part of local folklore much to our chagrin.

Glad to see that Galoots haven't solved all the problems in my absence.

Paul in Normal
May, 2008




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