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A Cautionary Tale


Since I had been itching to try out the citric acid process which I'd read so much about, I decided to speed up the process. LOML let me use a 9X13 glass pan and I mixed up a concoction of concentrated lemon juice and sulfamic acid which I use to clean the water distiller.

So far so good... Then I remember someone saying that it worked better at warmer temperatures so I took the process back to the kitchen--it being warmer than the basement. Sooooo, I put my concoction and a few old pieces of metal tooling that needed serious de-rusting on the kitchen counter.

Later that day LOML informs me that this stuff really stinks and that perhaps it would be better off elsewhere. But, knowing that I couldn't move a 9X13 pan without spilling the stuff I decided to take LOML's cutting board and just cover the pan.

Next day, the tools look great and I go back to my workshop confident in a job well done. Later SWMBO greets me with her cutting board in hand with the observation that the cutting board has an intolerable odor.

Next I see the board covered with a baking soda paste. Eldest son--the chef--stops by and observes that there is a strange odor in the kitchen and confers with his mother.  I volunteer to cut a new cutting board. But, I am reminded that this cutting board has been in her kitchen for 30 years and she doesn't want a different cutting board.

I have been banned from the kitchen with any more science projects. I had been contemplating making a milk frother using the whistling tea kettle, but it just didn't seem like a good time to bring up that topic.

My citric acid arrived today.

Paul Schobernd in Normal, Illinois
January, 2006


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