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Ya' know fellers, I have walked around this thing umpteen times and kicked the tires and slammed the doors and this is what I have come up with.

When someone comes to the List with a request for help fettling his planes or whatever we can give our two-bits for what it's worth, but in the final analysis it is this feller's time, money and his planes. 

He can listen to all the free advice and then he can do as he damn well pleases. Because the truth of the matter is all we got is opinions - well-intentioned as they may be.

We also hit on how people learn, which is a topic which will confuse the most learned among us!  But, I have observed that people learn in all different ways.  Some look at perfection and can emulate it right off.  Others must take a physical object and turn it around and take it apart and try this thing and that until they have an "ahhah" experience. 

Still others got to have the directions written out and they must follow them step by step by step, never missing a beat and they hope that when they are done the directions were correct and that they understood them correctly! 

Still others learn best by watching a thing done by someone else and can go back and do the same work.

The point being that we all got our own learning style, we all got differing amounts of free time, we have differing amounts of disposable income.  They ain't no right answer to this here quandary we have talked ourselves into!

I say let the young man sit down on the Porch and chew the fat with some of you more wizened souls and then send him on his way with our blessing with the promise that he comes back to the Porch and tells us what he's learned!

Paul in Normal
December 2006


MF No. 2 Hand Drills


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