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The Hardware Cabinet - part 1 by Will Myers

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The shop owner came by about then and asked if there was anything she could help me with I replied no, and told her I was just fine.

She said to be sure to look at the bottoms of the drawers, some of them had labels on them and walked away. By her manner and tone she was thinking: Sold!

Now I started pulling out the drawers and each of them had a unique story to tell. Many of the drawer bottoms were made from cigar box lids. Other than a couple most were different brands. The drawer sides were made from old crating, dozens of different labels and old writing.

All of this time the price tag was hanging from one of the small upper drawer knobs, the price facing in, out of sight. I intentionally avoided turning it around and looking at it, knowing that owning this thing was probably going to be out of my reach.

Cheryl walked up and asked if I was ready to go; the time had flown by. I flipped the price tag over; $800. It was less than I was expecting but still more than I could afford. I asked the shop owner if I could take some photos, snapped several and left.

The rest of that day I could not get the stupid cabinet out of my head. The pictures I had taken did not help. Every time I looked thru the photos I saw something that I had not noticed when looking at the cabinet in person. The following day Cheryl saw me looking thru the photos for the umpteenth time and said “You might as well go back and get it, it’s going to drive you crazy if you don’t”. I hopped in the truck and headed back to the store before she could think better of the statement.

I had this feeling all the way to the antique shop that the hardware cabinet would be gone when I got there. Luckily, it was not, after some negotiating on the price and a call to the owner I manage to buy it.

I am going to be building a copy of this hardware cabinet. So stay tuned for part two; construction details and cutting 100+ dados!

Very Best,

Will Myers
March 2017
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