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A Cabinetmaker's Notebook

A CabMaker's Notebook


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Woodworking with Will Myers


The Hardware Cabinet - part 3 by Will Myers

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The vertical dividers are the next task on the cabinet and a bit of a trick to get right. The horizontal dividers are only ˝” thick pine spanning the 31” width of the cabinet and quiet flimsy until the verticals are installed.

If you remember in the beginning of part 2 when I planed the dados in the case side I had a 2” wide piece in-between the case sides that was dadoed as well.

The reason for that piece was to help support and hold the horizontal dividers in alignment while installing the vertical dividers.

The support piece is simply placed in the center of the case and pressed onto the dividers.

The vertical dividers are ˝” stock cut slightly narrower than the horizontals so they won’t quiet contact the backboard when it is installed. The length of the verticals needs to be very accurate, even with the center support it would not take much to push the horizontals out of alignment.

One row of the verticals that is too long or too short could make a mess of everything. I transferred the length of the first divider in the first row directly to the stock, then used a hand miter box and cut it to length.

Before cutting anymore for that row I installed it in the cabinet and made sure it was the right length. If it’s good, clamp a stop to the miter box and cut the remaining dividers the same length for that row. As you complete each row of verticals, eyeball down the horizontal divider to double check that it is not bowed one way or the other.

After completing a row, I glued and nailed the dividers front and back with small finish nails. Repeat the same process for each row.

After all of the vertical dividers are in the, back boards can be installed. I pre-bored the back then glued and nailed it in place with 1 ˝”cut nails.

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Building the Portable Moravian Workbench with Will Myers (DVD)


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