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  Making a Wooden Jointer Plane  



Bill Anderson sent me a copy of a video he recently made with Joshua Farnsworth from Wood and Shop on making an 18th century wooden jointer plane.




In a word, fantastic! The video is nearly four hours long of no BS how to make a wooden jointer plane.

Bill covers every detail of how to make the jointer plane. He explains in depth, wood selection, layout process, cutting and shaping of the entire plane, finishing, tuning, and even how to use it. Bill leaves no stone unturned and truly demystifies the whole process.

The video is based on a class Bill teaches at the Woodwright’s School in Pittsboro, NC.

My first recommendation is to take the class. Bill is a most excellent teacher, accomplished woodworker and all around fine fella. I know taking the class is not always an option for some folks making the video an excellent alternative.

If you have an interest in making traditional wooden planes I am sure you will find Bill’s DVD an informative and most helpful resource.

The video is available from Shop Woodworking and Joshua Farnsworth’s site Wood and shop.com

Here is a preview...

Joinery Handplanes with Bill Anderson
Joinery Handplanes with Bill Anderson
Learn how to identify, use, and repair wooden and metal joinery planes in this five hour instructional video that's...[Read More]
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Will Myers
March, 2015

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