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Woodworking with Will Myers


The Moravian Workbench by Will Myers

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Will Myers

I know what you are thinking, Isn’t this the guy who wrote the long droning article about building a Roubo work bench a few months ago?

How many work benches does this fella need?

Well the truth is I didn’t really need another bench…, but  I liked the design and it looked like it would be a fun to build. 

My wife says I do very little that makes any sense, for the most part she is right.  Anyway, here’s the story.

I ran across some pictures of several of the workbenches in Old Salem, NC on one of Chris Schwartz’s blogs last year. Old Salem is a historic Moravian village founded in north-west North Carolina in 1766.


Old Salem is not far from my home but I had not been there in years.  I also have a friend that works there so I went and had a look.  Old Salem Online is here.

This little bench was made to be portable for the craftsman to take to the jobsite they were working at.  The bench will disassemble to the point you could put it in a small closet.  From what I have been able to find out, the exact age of the original is not known for sure or who made it.

The original is in storage and not on display at this time.  There is a copy of the original at the Single Brothers house in Old Salem that the joiners built in the 1990’s for use in their woodworking shop.  It is on display for public viewing. 

The reproduction bench is also featured on a Woodright’s Shop episode #374 “German Woodcraft in America”. It can be found on the PBS website.

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