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When you walk in the front door of Roy Underhill’s Woodwright’s School...



... and look to your left in the window hanging above Roy’s stuffed chicken is a large frame saw. Now the chicken is an interesting object and makes one wonder why someone would have a chicken stuffed, and furthermore why it is at a woodworking school (I should have quizzed Roy; I guess the deeper more important questions will have to wait until later).

I did ask about the saw though. Roy bought it from a tool collector some years back and believes it to be of continental European origin. He also said this one was intended to be a rip saw for general use, not for sawing veneer.

The saw is not a decoration piece but sees regular use at the school. The cross pieces at either end are made from oak, the long stretchers are made of a very light in weight mystery wood we could not identify.

The hardware is blacksmith made and blade or web is 38in long by 1 1/2in tall and .030in thick. Originally it was sharpened with 2 tpi (teeth per inch) rip teeth but at some point had been re-filed to 4 tpi.

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